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    1. What produces. 2. Refers to production. 3. Which produces a lot = abundant, fertile. 4. What gives or makes profits. = profitable, high performance. 5. Shows high productivity.




    1. Alternative form of -ify. 2. To produce verbs meaning to make or to materialize what precedes.


    It gives dizziness what technology has evolved and what you are able to today at free, or very low price, in the professional world thanks to the mobile applications (apps) and to Software as Service (SaaS).

    The success that has brought the apps and SaaS has led manufacturers not to conceive to develop an idea if it does not has a dimension delivered from Internet or that can be used from any Smartphone or Tablet. Also, with the great success and attraction of these technologies, there has been a multiplier effect and the developer community has grown exponentially. Situation that has led manufacturers to aim for differentiation. Differentiation based on providing more and better features and functionalities, more benefits, improvements on the user experience, premium support provided under business models that goes from Freemium to one sot cost, monthly fee and pay per usage.

    productivefy´s blog is focused on analyzing apps and SaaS that, mainly under a free model, facilitates professional and small business key tools to simplify processes, fostering collaboration, improving productivity and efficiency as well as to give an accessible way for differentiating themselves against competitors due to the capacity to do more and better things without impacting on costs and/or investment increasement.

    While benefits of the apps and SaaS are evident, due to the vast offer available and how difficult it is to choose the best option, given the detail and depth of analysis it would be required, it makes virtually impossible for professionals and small businesses to dedicate the required time to take the right decision. The main goal of productivefy´s blog is precisely to present useful information, really valuable and independent for professional and small business to assist and advise them in the decision taking so that they can adopt and use these valuable tools successfully.

    I hope this proves helpful.




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